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“I have good health, a wife who l love immensely, and who loves me just as much, wonderful children, a job that I like, a home and many great friends. So, I feel like I have been materially, physically, physiologically and spiritually blessed. Now, as I get older, I find myself thinking about these blessings. Am I only happy because I have not yet faced adversity? Would I be able to remain steadfastly faithful and continue to give thanks if I was in a tough situation? Could I be like Job if my blessings are taken away from me? I don’t think I’m ready to answer this question.

Part of my blessing comes from my church. I have always considered it to be a blessing to my family and me. We came to Point Harbor Community Church through a friend’s invitation, and have not looked back. Love, Grow, Serve are not just words at Point Harbor. The church leadership, friends, programs for the children are just a small list of why I have to mention my church as a blessing.

I traveled to Nicaragua with members of Point Harbor for the 2016 Mission trip. I saw and lived among people who, though they don’t have much materially, they have faith. It was very humbling to me. People with welcoming smiles and willing to share, precisely what being a follower of Christ should be.

I have begun to seriously ponder what to do with all the blessings given to me. The Nicaragua trip was pivotal in this introspection. I know, as I continue to search and learn, that the hoarding of blessings is not part of the deal. I want to share them. I have to share them. I don’t know if the areas I serve in the church will suffice to meet this need. I will, in 2017, keep my eyes open for opportunities to pass on blessings.”

– Vic