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“Ever since we found or way to Point Harbor, the Lord has been busy with us. Our lives have been filled with one blessing after another, and we are truly awed by God’s gifts. Here are a few of the highlights from the past six months or so.

Shortly after my baptism at Point Harbor, my Grandmother reconnected with the Lord after decades of pushing him away. A few months later the Lord chose to bless us by providing Nicole with a wonderful job at a local church, answering our many prayers. The best part was they found her, she hadn’t even known about the position! In late December I was accepted into Regent University to study Biblical and Theological Studies. January was an exciting month, we officially became members of Point Harbor and classes started up for me. Most recently, Nicole was able to convince a good friend of ours to start attending church for the first time in decades. 

We truly have been blessed through our relationship with Jesus Christ and our worship at Point Harbor. After years of searching for a church family we have finally found ours.”

– Josh and Nicole