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“Every mountaintop is accompanied by a valley, and while we are currently on the highest mountaintop of our lives, it took 3+ years of deep dark valleys to climb that mountain. After about five years of marriage, we decided we wanted to try and expand our family. Months of not getting pregnant, turned into a year, which turned into a lot of testing, medications, praying, timing and planning, and still, all of that turned into three miscarriages in a row. The range of emotions that we felt, the many tears, prayers, and questioning why God would even allow us to get pregnant if they weren’t going to be viable pregnancies started to take its toll. After the 3rd miscarriage, it was time for us to see an infertility specialist for even more testing to determine why we kept having the miscarriages. At that point, we decided that emotionally we were done planning and trying for a while.

One night I realized that I couldn’t control why my body kept miscarrying, or why God hadn’t blessed us with a child yet, BUT I could control how healthy my body was, and I decided that it was time to shift my focus in that direction. I distinctly remember praying through tear-filled eyes, that I did not want to go through all the testing at the infertility specialist, and that I knew God was great enough that if He wanted to and if it was in HIS plan, that He could just make us have a baby without the medical explanation, and then all the glory would surely point to Him.

During this same time frame, Josh found out that he would be deploying in March (2016). I saw this as the perfect timing to continue to focus on getting healthy, lose as much weight as I could, and finally, go see that infertility specialist. Then when he got back from the deployment, we could try for a baby again. I lost 25lbs, was feeling great following MY plan and then God showed us that He had different plans. In February of that year, just one month before Josh was leaving, we found out that I was pregnant again. I dealt with the guilt of not going to the specialist sooner, the fear of losing yet another baby, and the joy of maybe this time would be different. We began to pray, pray and pray some more. It wasn’t an easy road emotionally, especially in the middle of a deployment, but with each positive doctor’s appointment, and each week that passed successfully, we kept trusting that God would see us through. That September we welcomed a healthy perfect sweet little baby into our family! Not only did God show His power through a successful pregnancy without any medical explanation, but He also continued to pour out His blessings on us. The timing of the deployment allowed us to pay off debt, and let me resign my job so that I could stay home once Nora was born.

Through all of that and since Nora has been born, we learned to keep trusting, even when we didn’t have all the answers and when we didn’t know how our situation would turn out. We learned that our plans often fail, but God truly has MUCH bigger plans that come through in His perfect timing. We are continually learning many things about God’s love for us through this tiny human we are blessed with.

God surely is Good, and His light shines brightest in the storms!”