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“I had a fairytale marriage, and 2016 started to be a very special year. People called us ‘2 Peas in a Pod’. I have four children and 14 grandchildren who are all very close to me. There would be at least two children in our home staying the weekend or during summer vacations.

I belong to the best church in Tidewater, and I love our pastors. I also help with the food distribution ministry, every Monday, and every 2nd Saturday.
So, 2016 was going to be special because I was making my very 1st mission trip to Nicaragua. What more would a person want?

Then, on July 18, exactly two weeks before departure, I headed home from Cradock and picked up the five grandkids that were going to stay with us that night. After feeding the kids, my beloved husband and I had lunch.

Everything was fine when all of the sudden he started sweating, and within 45 minutes he was gone. God just took him away from me. How could that happen? My whole life just came crashing down!

The next four weeks are a blur. I know Pastor Jose came to my house that day and it seems like many others too. There was a lot of food, but it is all hazy. I think I was a vegetable for a while.

Pastor Jose did a beautiful memorial service for us in August. I was so proud to honor my husband as we did.
I guess it was in September when I returned to the food ministry program. I did continue to go to church – I need that more than ever- but now on Wednesday nights.
Serving in Cradock is such a blessing to me as well as the people we serve. I have had such a love and support from my home, church and Cradock families.
It comforts me to have so many people praying for me. I thank everyone.

Now, it is six months later, and I wish I could say I am on the mend but still cry every day and can’t understand why God did this.
I try not to question His wisdom, but my William was such a loving and giving man to everyone. It is not just me that lost my best friend. I still find myself trying to go thru the motions!

I thank everyone that helps in Cradock. They are terrific!”

– Betty